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NEW. Google Trends 19 05 2019


Google quality raters hours are now being slashed

May 02/2018

Lately the whole SEO community is being actively discussing the story which is known as “The secret lives of Google raters”. Quite an intriguing name, isn't it? But we shouldn't think that it is because their lives are indeed secret. In fact, it's only because the majority of us know exactly how all of them work, which is why we call them crazy.
The biggest news about all this is that the quality raters hours of work are now being decreased. Basically, they are being cut in half. Most of them have been working around forty hours per week and were satisfied with their salary. But not so long ago hundreds of them have got emails saying that their working time was going to be cut in half because of some changes in the company's policy. As for their salary, from now on the amount of money that crazy quality raters will get paid with will depend on the quality of their own work.
At the same time, it is known that many quality raters who have been working for Google full-time in the USA got a significant pay cut as well. This situation was partly explained by the company's senior ranking lead. According to his words, lately many of the rankers received a new job dealing with fake news targeting. He also said he always was a big fan of ranking guys, for they're doing an extremely valuable job by making the search results much better.
So now many webmasters are looking forward to hearing whether all this situation with quality raters is going to affect the search results in a direct manner. The simple answer here would be no, they are not. However, they will keep sending the information of low value to Google in order to improve the search results. But the questions about further plans of the company in regard to the ranking staff policy are yet to be answered.

Google Doodle is a new logo for Cassini Spacecraft

April 28/2018

Google now has a first cosmic special doodle depicting the Cassini Orbiter, other known as a Mission to Saturn, which is considered to be one of the most ambitious missions in the history of launching spacecrafts into space. It is loaded with tons of highly innovational cameras and instruments of great power. New technologies enable the spacecraft to dive in between the rings of Saturn in order to gather all kinds of information and take pictures from there.
As a matter of fact, this is the first spacecraft designed to go so far from the Earth in space and that is why Google couldn't ignore this significant historical event. The company celebrates it with a specially designed animated cosmic doodle with a unique logo to catch the user's attention.
The Google's cosmic doodle is designed to show an animated version of spacecraft right next to the animated version of Saturn and its rings. There are two versions of it, one of which is static with a smiling Saturn, while the other one is animated.

Google tests ignore AMP logo in the search results

April 25/2018

It's been a while since Google AMP went live in the search results, and at that time they had to do with the logo of AMP in the snippets of the search results. In the beginning, the logo was designed as green, but after a while they changed the color and we all could see an AMP image of a gray color.
However, today it seems that Google is going to try dropping the logo of AMP totally from all the search results. It's been demonstrated by Google how an URL went to the AMP webpage without any kind of logo in Google's listings of the search results.
In other words, the AMP logo used to be shown, but it will be removed soon and there will be no logo at all for the exact same query and URL link. For many users this is not really a surprise. Some of them were even expecting the disappearance of the AMP logo, especially since there was also a mobile label, which has also been removed.
At the same time, there are webmasters who argue that it would be helpful if Google could give them a choice between AMP and normal, because for some websites the implementation of AMP is rather poor and in such cases, it's even better to use the non-mobile version.

Knowledge Panels are now open for Google posts from the best sports teams

April 21/2018

The recent Google update allows to get the desired content about the most popular teams in the United States and Canada by a quick and simple search.
Since Google always wanted to reach more sports fans, the company decided to make an update making it easier for the sports fans to get to know about their favorite sports teams and leagues. From now on, Google will post from the most famous teams right in the Knowledge Panels. As it was announced on Monday, when searching for a certain basketball, baseball or hockey team, users will instantly see posts from MLB, NBA and NHL directly on the Knowledge Panel.
This update is great because it shows all the latest images, releases, breaking news etc. right from the most popular teams and by means of a quick search on Google all the best info about sports star teams becomes available. In fact, this update isn't so new, because it was launched already a year ago in a form of an experiment. However, at that time it was more about museums and cinemas rather than sports teams, although sports fans could benefit from it too. It allowed organizations to provide content right on the Google servers to make it visible for the users who were searching for a specific sports team etc.

Google about clicking on 404 results

April 19/2018

If anyone clicks on 404 results, it doesn't mean any removal expedition from Google. While this fact may seem quite obvious for the majority of webmasters, site owners and just users, this question for some reason was asked for the first time only now. Gary Illyes commented on this issue in his Twitter account. According to hist words, Google can't instantly see what users clicking on. In other words, if users decide to click on the listing of search results and they find themselves sent to the page 404, it only means that the code of such response is going to the users, while Google might have no idea about it at the same time.
Having said that, in order for Google to get to know the code of response of a certain webpage shown in the search results listing simultaneously when it's clicked by the user, it is necessary to fetch it at every click. If that would be the case, we would be able to spot additional Google traffic. Basically, after visiting the page again, Google will show the new response code and if the error remains, the webpage will be removed from the index.

Google's announcement of image search product schema

April 17/2018

As we all know, last year in December Google released a new update related to the image search results product schema. In fact, they started to use it right away, although no one has ever told about it or commented officially. We saw it for the first time due to Aaron Bradley's discovery, who made a couple of screenshots and showed us how the update was functioning in action.
But this week Google finally made an official statement announcing the update released in December last year. From now on, it's going to be available for all searches of mobile images. Google has also provided us with a couple of guidelines if you want to make sure that your products are available and shown in similar items. According to their words, here's what you have to do: Make sure that your page product suggestions have special markup, which also includes an image reference. Only products where currency and price, image and name are indicated on the host webpage, can be eligible for the option of similar items. It' important to test the webpages with the special tool for structured data provided by Google. It helps verify whether the markup of the product is formatted correctly or not.
If you want to take a look at your images on the image search, you can do it by the use of specific query. Just type like this “website:yourdomain.come” and you'll get the needed info. If you need any results with valid markup of your product, you can find the information on the product if you only click on the image located on your website. However, it may take up to seven days for Google to crawl your site once again.

Gary Illeys on Google evaluators

April 14/2018

A couple of months ago Gary Illyes from Google's office gave a nice joke on his Twitter about evaluating tools. He actually said that there were things more effective than manual action evaluators of Google and that his clearance serves better in this issue.
To be more precise, he said that he had much better things to use for evaluation in his tool belt rather than just Google evaluators, in contrast to what many of us could think. The previous story about this joke was that Gary was told he should have had a big red button to press when penalizing various websites or even groups of websites, to which a former Googler replied that this was something Gary couldn't do.
Actually most of us would be probably happy to find out what kind of access Gary Illyes has and what kinds of evaluation tools he usually uses. It's not a surprise that some webmasters think that the way Google penalizes websites is something destroying for the company. At the same time, other people from SEO community argue that there isn't any “penalty culture” that Google uses to frighten webmasters.

New location for URLs submission to Google

April 12/2018

Google has released an update allowing to add new locations when submitting URLs to Google in the search results. From now on, Google will let you submit URLs right to the Google index, which will locate it directly in the main webpage of Google search results. This is a good news, because you will now be able to just search for “URL submission to Google” and it will show you a box on the very top of the search results, which you can use to submit the needed URL to their index right away.
This improvement allows to place URL in the Google search results just like a smart interactive answer. By the use of this tool, you can submit whatever URL you like directly to their index. After that, Google will see it, review and decide whether they find it ok to index the submitted URL and include it into the search results. It doesn't mean, though, that there's a guarantee that if you submit certain URL, it will be necessarily shown in the Google rankings or included in their index. But it's worth trying for sure.

Google on the priority in the sitemap files

April 04/2018

If there is something that Google underestimates about the XML sitemap files, it is certainly the role of chance frequency and priority. Actually Google told SEO specialists not to think and stress about it much and added that they don't pay attention to the other fields, such as the lastmod date, at all.
Having stated that, he also put it the other way round, when called the sitemap priority field “a bag of noise”. If it really is so, which we don't have a reason to be doubting about, then it's totally pointless to waste our time dealing with it and filling it out, since no one will even notice it. We can just occupy ourselves with things more important and better take care of the level of our websites content quality.

Google won't find URL if there're no links to it

March 29/2018

According to what John Mueller said on Twitter not so long ago, if specific links to certain URLs are not properly provided, Google will most likely not find it. There is also an exception in this case, which is for the fetch and a couple of features such as submit and the Sitemap. However, apart from that, he said that there's no chance GoogleBot will be able to find the URL if there are no specific links to it, whether it's robotted or not. Here, it is said about all kinds of links, including external and internal.
We also know that there've ben conducted some studies in order to find out whether Google is able to index URLs from Google Chrome data. The results show that it's not going to happen, because Google actually never uses data from Google Chrome in order to find new URLs.
In any case, is it even possible to imagine SEO with no links? This aspect in SEO will stay unchanged for a while, until something profoundly new appears to replace traditional links.

The number of hacked sites keeps growing

March 22/2018

According to the report on the 2016 hacking rates, announced in terms of the State of Website Security, the overall rate of hacked websites grew up to more than 32% and still keeps growing. Google says there is no reason to assume that this number will freeze or slow down. Instead, they expect new attacks and the number of hacked sites in the current year will most likely increase even more infecting more websites, which Google said in the above mentioned report.
However, Google also gave some advice to the webmasters and owners of websites as for preventing hacker attacks and fixing the consequences of already occurred. The most helpful thing in this threatening situation will be to register your website with Google Search Console as soon as possible. There are two major reasons for doing that. First of all, over 80% of registered webmasters are capable of cleaning their websites quite successfully and were not affected by any kind of hacker attack. Second of all, over 60% of webmasters who were not registered with Google Search Console, couldn't receive the notification from Google saying that their websites were infected, since this option is only available for registered users.
Above all, it is better to spend some time on the registration process right now instead of bothering yourself with fixing your site after the hackers attack, which is a much more effort and time consuming process.